City Lips Review: Voted #1 Best Cosmetic Lip Plumper

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Full Lips Without Pain or Side Effects

There are many different products and procedures that can be used to get those full lips you've always wanted. The most popular method is by using a topical lip plumper. You may have heard of or used cosmetic products that promise you a plumper pout. What you’ll normally find is that this promise comes with pain. 

There is usually an unpleasant burning sensation after you apply a topical lip plumping product. This sensation comes from ingredients that irritate your lips, like cinnamon and red pepper extract. This irritation is what causes your lips to swell. Some plumping formulas add ingredients that simultaneously soothe the burning, like aloe. But this doesn’t make the product any less painful – or more effective.

The truth is most topical products only offer minimal results that last temporarily. You won’t get the full lips that you want using products like these – no matter how expensive they are. Some people equate high price tags with product quality, but that isn’t necessarily true. If the product doesn’t perform the way you want it to, it’s a waste of money, no matter how much it costs.

You may think that it’s impossible to find a budget-friendly product that doesn’t rely on irritating ingredients to get fuller lips. Fortunately for you, this review is about such a product. It’s the holy grail of lip plumping products, and it’s called City Lips.

What Makes City Lips Different

City Lips was specifically developed by City Cosmetics. As a team, they wanted a solution to the problem of the perfect lip plumper. They, too, knew the frustration and pain of finding a product that wouldn’t irritate their lips, but would provide long-lasting results. There was nothing that met those qualifications on the market, so they created City Lips.
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City Lips uses a scientific formula with natural ingredients that do not irritate your lips. There is no burning or itching upon application. It’s safe to use by anyone, even pregnant and nursing mothers. 

City Lips has been available for 10 years. As the formula continues to advance, City Cosmetics continues to put quality first. They promise to continue to keep City Lips free of irritation. They have kept, and will continue to keep that promise.

It’s great to have a product that is developed by a team of people who know your pain. It means that you can trust them. They know how to get you the results you want. This is not just something that has been thrown together and marketed as a lip plumper. This is a product that has taken years of development before being made available to the public. The hard work and dedication of City Cosmetics is another reason that you can trust City Lips.

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How City Lips Works

City Lips scientific formula uses four ingredients that work together in order to get you fuller lips in a reasonable amount of time.

Hydraulic acid (HA) is naturally produced by your body. It is found in the skin. It absorbs moisture and keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. It is also essential in the development of collagen.

Hyaluronic acid plumping spheres™ absorb moisture from your skin. They work in conjunction with HA to moisturize your lips. They dehydrate the HA so that it can be absorbed into your lips. Once it is absorbed, it binds to the water in your skin and swells up so that your lips instantly look fuller.

Oligopeptides trick the cells in your lips into thinking they’ve been damaged. This puts your cells into repair mode. The result is rapid production of elastin and collagen. 

Finally there’s Celadrin®. This prevents your body from absorbing the excess collagen. It stays inside of your lips, which is what gives you long-term results. 

To achieve the best results City Lips should be applied at least once a day for 30 days. Most people apply it twice a day for 30 days. It should definitely be applied at least once before bed time. When you go to sleep, your body repairs any damage caused during the day. This is when City Lips has its best chance of being absorbed and put to work by the body. 

After you get the results you want, apply City Lips once a day for maintenance. 

National Reviews

City Lips has been featured on ABC 7 News. It was reviewed by Dean Edell. He put City Lips up against other lip plumping products to see which one produced the best results. He found that City Lips increased lip size an eighth of an inch on average. 

It was also featured in Good Housekeeping magazine. Good Housekeeping reviewed City Lips twice. Both times they compared it to other lip plumping products to see which one was the best. City Lips won both times. 

What Customers Say about City Lips

There are die-hard customers who have been using City Lips since it first became available for purchase. They have found that no other product compares to City Lips, no matter how big the price tag is or how famous the manufacturing company is.

Margret from Florida says that because of City Lips, she never has to worry about chapped lips anymore, no matter what the weather is.
Barb from California calls it her #1 beauty secret. 

KW from Texas says that someone asked her if she had gotten a collagen treatment. She hadn’t. She’d simply been using City Lips. 
You can read more reviews here. 

Where to Buy City Lips

City Lips is only available for purchase online. You can’t find it in any store. According to a customer testimonial, at one point it was available in stores, but that was some years back. Now it’s strictly available online.

You can buy City Lips for the price of a movie and popcorn for two. It’s actually very inexpensive, especially compared to similar products produced by more famous manufacturers. Some lip plumping products cost over $70. City Lips costs less than half of that. 

It’s great to know that there’s a product out there that will give you the full pout you dream of without all the pain and complications that go along with so many other products and procedures. 

You don’t have to try them all to find out which one works the best ... Just go with City Lips. 
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